L-2: A Man Stole a Small Plane and Took Off With It

https://open.spotify.com/episode/15YrFYQ54jRT9aun4XzAAa?si=uGbK31mfRIG0bpNxoZReQQ Allegedly... A man stole a small plane called 'Beechcraft', in the northern parts of Mississippi, USA. He got into the plane and then he took off. He did not have a pilot's license, but he knew how to fly a little bit. He worked at a company which put fuel into planes. So he … Continue reading L-2: A Man Stole a Small Plane and Took Off With It

L-2: Broken Mobile Phone

https://open.spotify.com/episode/7BKJ1bD339OhZgq90MgzRV?si=8LNRSDj3Q-OE-GcXdk1cHw I tried to call Peter yesterday, but I couldn't not reach him. He was not picking up his phone and he wasn't responding to my messages, either. Next day, I called his brother and asked him where Peter was. He explained to me that the day before yesterday, Peter dropped his phone. It fell … Continue reading L-2: Broken Mobile Phone

L-1: Dead Beauty on the Plate

https://open.spotify.com/episode/78iEEbGOAa04PXZvR5QbL0?si=IB8pb9p7Td-wmFqOdQzy5Q In my opinion, spring is the most beautiful season of the year. After a long and cold winter, everything comes back to life. Days get longer, trees get green leaves, flowers start to grow and bloom. Then summer comes and then autumn. Autumn is beautiful too, but in a different way. The leaves on … Continue reading L-1: Dead Beauty on the Plate

L-3: The Last Man of the Tribe

https://open.spotify.com/episode/3qo6uGU27oc5UXVlw68lDb?si=Brj7fFHrRVKm_QAMC7qymQ There was a tribe of indigenous people living in the rain forests of Brazil. They were a small tribe and they lived a very simple life, away from the modern, civilized world. But in 1970s, a group of rich farmers and ranchers wanted to get more land. They decided to clear some of the … Continue reading L-3: The Last Man of the Tribe

L-1: For Surfing in Venice You Will Get a Fine

https://open.spotify.com/episode/76BwZXBEkEMUstjigobbx2?si=nF0uujcoSSKD85i8ESex2Q Allegedly... In Venice, Italy, two tourists from Australia used their surfboards and they surfed on the Grand Canal. Venice is a very old city with beautiful architecture. On the canals people can use only the special boats called "gondolas" for tourists because they do not have motors and so they are very quiet on … Continue reading L-1: For Surfing in Venice You Will Get a Fine