L-2 English Dialogues 40

'Hi Nick. How's your car running?' 'Not good, Tom. The engine keeps overheating and it's making a strange noise.' 'That's terrible. Isn't that the car that Peter recommended to you?' 'Yes, it is. He said it was a great deal and it had low mileage.' 'I'm sorry to hear that. Do you think that Peter … Continue reading L-2 English Dialogues 40

L-2: English Dialogues 36

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6WCbRR9ALF8h6iXEUWNASx?si=nEmoBrQAR7ix5MvaCF3S2A 'I don't understand this.' 'What's wrong?' 'Well, I had a day off yesterday. Jack called twice and asked me to come to the office. He said it was extremely urgent.' 'But you didn't come.' 'No, I didn't. Actually, I couldn't come because I was out of the city.' 'OK. But now you are here.' … Continue reading L-2: English Dialogues 36

L-2: English Dialogues 35

https://open.spotify.com/episode/2IMvKFc1QzCV0QA9n2r9rS?si=9Nh0JSG9Tu6UhmiaHPas2w 'Hello, is this Mr. Smith?' 'Yes, speaking. Who is this?' 'It's me, Sarah.' 'Sarah? What's going on? Is everything okay?' 'No, it's not. I'm in trouble. I stole something from my company and now some very bad people are after me.' 'What did you steal?' 'Sorry, I can't tell you that.' 'What do you … Continue reading L-2: English Dialogues 35