There were many people in the streets and, as usual, nobody stopped to ask about his day. Nobody wanted to know how he felt, or what his problems were.

Derek sat on the corner of the street every single day. Some people knew him because they passed by him every day. But they rarely bought anything from him.

Derek was a homeless man. He was selling magazines written by a charity for homeless people. Sometimes he could make some money, but usually it was just small change.

But he was thankful for every little coin he made. He was not begging. He was selling magazines and he was proud of it. He only sat there and had the magazines in his hands. He never shouted at people. He never asked them to buy something from him. He just held his magazines in his hands and he patiently waited for someone to buy them.

He sat on the corner of the street day after day. But then….

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…one cold morning, he did not come…

rarely /ˈreəli/ – zriedka, málokedy

proud of /praʊd/ – pýšný na