He finished the call and put his phone into his pocket. It was his sister and she had bad news for him. She called him about his mother. She very ill and she had to go to hospital.

He started thinking when he will fly there. His sister lived together with their mother. But they lived very far away. When he wanted to visit them, he always went by plane.

Suddenly, the phone started ringing. But it was not his phone. It was his assistant’s phone. They were together in one car. His assistant was at the wheel. He wanted to start the car when his phone rang.

phone call behind the wheel - jan vrabec - sparrow's english reader - level 1
phone and the wheel / blog: L-1: Two Phone Calls

‘Hello Dad,’ he said.

‘Hello son,’ his father replied. ‘I need to talk to you about something.’

‘Dad, this is not the best time. It doesn’t suit me now.’

‘It never suits you when I call. You are always busy, so just be quiet and listen to me.’

The assistant got red in his face. He knew that his manager could hear his Dad, too. His father had a very strong voice.

‘OK, let’s talk, but, please, let’s make it short because I really don’t have much time right now.’

‘OK, I’ll make it short. Very short. Call me when you have time to speak to your father,’ said the voice in the telephone. And then he was gone. He hung up the phone.

The assistant had very red face now. ‘Sorry about that, sir, ‘ he said to his manager and he put his phone away.

wheel /wiːl/ – volant

suit (v) /suːt/ – hodiť sa

get red – očervenieť

make it short – skrátiť to

hang up – zložiť /zavesiť telefón