Margaret works as a nurse at the local hospital. She likes her job, but she is not very happy there. She is unhappy because the salary is very low. She works many night shifts, but they are not paid very well.

Margaret doesn’t think that the things will change in the near future. On the contrary, the situation is getting worse every year. Every year she is more and more tired. And she has less and less time for her family.

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When she attended the secondary school for nurses, she thought: ‘I like this job. I like working with people and I like helping ill people to get well again. There always will be ill people, and so I will always have a job and money.’

But now things are different. Yes, there are many ill people and there is a lot of work, but the salary is very bad. Many of her colleagues stopped working as nurses and found a different job. Others still work as nurses, but they moved abroad, where they can make more money.

Margaret doesn’t want to move abroad. She has a family and many friends in her country. She wants to live here. But she cannot live like this. She needs to make more money. She needs to find another job.

But what kind of job?

salary /ˈsæləri/ – plat, výplata

on the contrary /ɒn ðə ˈkɒntrəri/ – naopak

attend /əˈtend/ – navštevovať (školu, kurz, etc.)

get well – vyliečiť sa, vyzdravieť

make money – zarábať peniaze

like this – takto

what kind of – aký (druh)