Jack had been following them since they got into the car. There were three men inside the car and Jack knew exactly where they were going. He kept his distance from them and stayed three cars behind them. They were stuck in the traffic and the traffic was moving slowly.

It was getting dark and they were not far away from the tunnel. Metre by metre, the cars were lazily moving on in an endless chain of lights.

Suddenly Jack heard the sound of a crash. It had happened somewhere in the front. But what? And where exactly?

The cars around him stopped. Nobody was moving and nobody knew why. Jack didn’t know either. He kept his eyes on the car with the three men inside.

Just as he wanted to look away, the doors on both sides of the car opened and all three men jump out. Each of them was carrying a big black bag on their shoulder.

They moved quickly in between the standing cars to the other side of the road. As they reached the road going in the opposite direction, a big red van with the open door on their side arrived and stopped near them just for a few seconds. But it was enough time for all of them to jump in and close the door quickly.

The red van started off and disappeared amid dozens of the fast moving cars. They were gone. All of that happened in just a few seconds.

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‘I can’t believe this,’ Jack said to himself. ‘Please, somebody tell me this isn’t true!.’

But it was. He had lost them.

started off – vyštartovať (rýchlo)

amid /əˈmɪd/ – uprostred (in the middle of or during something, especially something that causes excitement or fear)

dozen /ˈdʌzn/ – tucet