As Jeremy entered the train station, he noticed a group of excited people gathered around the ticket office. They were clearly very unhappy about something. Some were moving their hands quickly and talking loudly to one another. Some were even shouting at the ticket office agents.

He approached the group and looked at the train timetable. All the trains going north or coming from the north were cancelled. His train was cancelled too.

What a day…‘ he told himself and looked at the watch. He was thinking what to do next. He needed to get there that day.

He started walking towards the exit of the station. There was an utter chaos outside. People were flowing out of the station in much bigger numbers than those who were coming in. Almost all taxis were taken and those that weren’t taken were disappearing quickly, too.

‘What a day…’ he said to himself again. It was raining cats and dogs and he had no umbrella on him. He pulled his collar up and zipped up his jacket.

Then he noticed that there was a car in the taxi box, which was blocking taxis behind it. He knew that car.

‘Still here?’ he heard his voice before he had the time to look around and look for him.

‘All trains are cancelled for today. Frost on the cables or something.’

‘I see,’ said the man as he took a bite of his American hot dog. There was some ketchup left in the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away. ‘So. What now?’

To be honest, I don’t know,’ said Jeremy and looked at the man’s car.

The man took another bite of his hot dog and threw the rest to the bin. He smiled.

‘Let’s go,’ said the man with his mouth still full.

What a day… – to je ale deň…

utter /ˈʌtə(r)/ – úplný

frost /frɒst/ – námraza

to be honest – ak mám byť úprimný