Linda loves going to the cinema. She usually goes there with her friends or her boyfriend, but most of the time she loves going to the cinema on her own.

Her friends know about this Linda’s hobby and very often when they celebrate something together, they all go to the cinema together to watch a good movie.

One day her friend Sandy talked to Linda and told her about a present. Sandy’s friend worked in a cinema and because he liked her, he gave her a free ticket. Sandy gave it to Linda and asked her to use it or give it to somebody else.

‘Why don’t you want to go?’

‘Well, there is only one ticket, and I don’t like going to the cinema on my own,’ she said. ‘Besides, it is for a horror movie and I really hate horror movies as you know.’

‘Yes, I know. OK then, I will take it and go there. I don’t mind watching a horror movie, although it is not my favourite kind of film.’

So she came to the cinema on the day of the movie and went to the room on the ticket. The guy at the door checked her ticket and asked her to walk in. He just looked at the ticket and he didn’t want to touch it.

It was strange, but Linda went into the cinema room. It was empty. And that was strange too because the film would start in just ten minutes. But there were no people.

number 12 on a seat in the cinema - jan vrabec - sparrow's English reader - Level 2 English
a seat number 12 / blog: L-2: Seat Number 13

She looked at her ticket and went to take her seat. She went to the row 13 and then she started to look for her seat. She came to number 10, 11 and then 12. But the next number was 14! There was no seat number 13.

Someone closed the door. There was no one in the room. Everything was quiet.

Then the lights went off.