Some things are much easier said than done. And that’s a fact. And then there are things which can only be said, but they can’t be done. At least, some people feel that way. Sometimes.

Jerry knew. Jerry was one of those people. He had no job, he had no car and he was living with his girlfriend who was paying for the rent and bills and food… until… one day she left.

Jerry had never really worked in his life. Yes, he had had some occasional jobs – here and there he helped his old friends at building sites – but that was it. He had no permanent job and he never felt the need for it. Until now…

Now she was gone and the rent was due next week. The fridge was empty. The phone bill was already lying on the table.

Jerry had three euros in his pocket. He moved the sofa and started looking for some lost coins. And he found some. Fifty cents.

euro coins fyling over the table - jan vrabec - Sparrow's English Reader - Level 3 English
flying euro coins / blog: L-3: Few Euros Left

‘That’s one pint of beer!’ he told himself and put his jacket on.

He took his keys, slammed the door and he was gone.