She was sitting at the terrace of her house and drinking an orange juice. It was almost midnight, but she liked having her glass of juice before she went to bed. The sky was clear and the moon was shining.

She was living in a country house, away from the village. The closest neighbours lived 5 kilometres away. There were only meadows and hills around her house.

As she was drinking from her glass, she had a strange feeling that somebody was watching her. She looked at a small hill few hundred metres away from her house. At first she saw nothing, but they she noticed a shadow. Somebody was standing under the trees and looking at the house. She froze.

A few seconds later, she slowly put the glass on the little wooden table next to her and got up. She went inside and closed the door behind her. She turned the light off and then she ran down the stairs to her room below. There she turned the lights off too. She was in a panic.

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a wooden terrace / blog: L-2: Evening Juice

Who was watching her in her house? And why?

She didn’t know the answer to either of those questions, but she knew that she had to do something. And she had to do it fast.

meadow /ˈmedəʊ/ – lúka – a field covered in grass, used especially for hay

freeze /friːz/ (froze, frozen) – (zamrznúť – prestať sa hýbať) – to stop moving suddenly because of fear, etc.