He was reading the story when the phone rang. He picked it up.

‘Did you see the newspaper? I mean the story about this lawyer from FBI. He was murdered in the old town yesterday.’

‘I’m reading it now. Do you know something about it?’

You could say that. I had a meeting with this guy. He wanted to meet me at 3pm, but he never turned up. Now I know why. Someone shot him in his hotel room in the morning.’

‘Who was he?’

‘I thought he was a friend. He was from FBI. I agreed to meet him because I needed help. Now he is dead.’

‘So now you don’t think that he was your friend?’

‘No, I don’t.’


‘Because I know who shot him.’

There was a silence. Both of them were thinking. Derek was looking out the window and was watching the evening traffic. Then he spoke again:

‘This thing is getting dangerous. You have to be careful.’

Don’t you say!‘ she said sarcastically. ‘How soon can you come?’

‘Three or four hours.’

‘OK. That’s too early.’ She was thinking hard. Like a scared animal, she felt like being pushed into the corner. ‘I need to arrange something and hide for the night. I’ll ring you this time tomorrow and we’ll talk about our next move.’

‘OK, I’ll be here.’

She hung up. Derek leaned back in his chair and went through his hair with his right hand. ‘What a day!‘ he thought to himself and looked at the story in the newspaper again.

newspaper thrown on the ground - jan vrabec - sparrow's english reader - level 2 English for beginners
blog: L-2: Story in the Newspaper

You could say that. – Dalo by sa to tak povedať!

turn up – prísť

Don’t you say! – Ale nehovor!

sarcastically /sɑːˈkæstɪkli/ – sarkasticky

‘What a day! – To je ale deň!