L-2: Some Don’t Play by the Rules

A girl was walking with her dog on a dog lead. She wanted to cross the road and went to the nearby pedestrian crossing. There were no traffic lights at that pedestrian crossing, but the traffic was not heavy there, either. The road was empty, but the girl looked left, as you usually do, when … Continue reading L-2: Some Don’t Play by the Rules

L-2: Every Tree is the Dollar Tree

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1aBbobW5bTp94RtiOeEj3G?si=eLiBThP6QwehIL_HMI3XFg There are crazy stories of a dollar tree, which has only dollars growing on its branches instead of leaves. It is a very famous dollar tree and many people are looking for it every day, because they believe that when they find it, they will have as many dollars as they want, and that … Continue reading L-2: Every Tree is the Dollar Tree

L-2: How a Farmer Moved a Stone

https://open.spotify.com/episode/6wvqs7GwZw1OQq4WR6YqUq?si=FauPVHIDQgaYPaSTt8SuRg Not so long ago, in 2021, near the Belgium town of Erquelinnes, a farmer decided to move a big stone (300 pounds) away from his field. He said that he needed to move that stone away to make more space for his tractor. On that stone, there were big numbers 1819. A local historian … Continue reading L-2: How a Farmer Moved a Stone

L-2: Money Cannot Buy Friends

https://open.spotify.com/episode/1ZQTAW6kBClXsjCVHzoLkj?si=PsArKALOTbWR8ymKQYdzqA Many people think that if they were rich, they would have no problems. They think that their life would be easy, they could do whatever they want and they would have a lot of friends as well. But some people do not agree. For example, Mark Presson. He is a Swedish programmer and he … Continue reading L-2: Money Cannot Buy Friends

L-2: Unexpected Customer

https://open.spotify.com/episode/10Xw62LLVAlz6jbd3vOTg6?si=mtAb2zzgSK6EnjcRN01ORQ Mark had a small restaurant. It was really small. Just a few tables in one room and a small kitchen. The kitchen had a separate entrance from the street. Mark tried to keep his restaurant and kitchen clean because he knew that customers don't like dirty places. But it was not always easy. He … Continue reading L-2: Unexpected Customer