A rich businessman had a little daughter. In the evening, he and his wife came to their daughter’s room to read her a fairy-tale. She was going to school for the first time the following morning and she was looking forward to it. But there was a problem.

She had a big brown teddy bear and she loved him very much. She spent a lot of time with her Teddy every day. But she could not take him to school with her. She understood that very well. Her parents explained to her that the school is only for the little girls and boys. Teddy bears had to wait at home.

She was a little worried about her Teddy. She was afraid that he would cry at home. And what’s even worse, she was afraid that she would cry at school!

‘I am sure that Teddy will not cry. I think that there are many Teddies and their little girls will go to school tomorrow,’ said her father as he was sitting on her bed. ‘Maybe they will come together and they will wave to all the good girls on their way to school.’

The little girl calmed down and while her Dad was talking, she fell asleep.

The next day they all had big breakfast in the dinning room and then they prepared to go to school. She said good-bye to her Teddy and asked him not to cry. She promised to come back home as soon as possible.

They went all together, the little girl with her parents and even her grandmother. She came in the morning and went to school with them.

As they were going along an old street, the father told his daughter: ‘Look, Teddies came to wave to us! I told you they would come!’

Teddy bears on the balcony saying hello - jan vrabec - sparrow's English reader - Level 2 English
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And really, the little girl looked up at an old building and there were Teddies everywhere. She waved them happily and hurried to school in order not to be late.

fairy-tale /ˈfeəri teɪl/ – rozprávka

look forward to stg – tešiť sa na niečo

what’s even worse – čo je ešte horšie

wave /weɪv/ – mávať

in order not to be late. – aby neprišla neskoro