We finally found one of Rodriguez’s people. Or better, one of the people who were there with him because this man was not one of them. He made his money as a guide.

He called himself Porter and he knew the forests like nobody else. Allegedly, he was there when Rodriguez with two other of his men killed the rest. And he worked for them as a guide when they were taking the treasure to the deep forests to hide it.

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a dark forest / blog: L-3: Porter – Man of the Dark Forests

How come they didn’t kill you?’ I heard Marco ask him. Marco was very good with people. Much better than any of us. At least we all thought he was.

‘I ran away,’ said Porter. ‘When I saw them kill the other men, I knew that they would kill me too. They needed me to take them to the place and then get them out of the forests. But I knew that when we were out of the forest, they would kill me, too. On our way back, I ran away.’

‘So what happened to them? Are they still alive?’

‘No. After I ran away, I came back and I was watching them. Rodriguez killed both his men. He shot them like dogs and let them lie where they had fallen. He didn’t bother burying them,’ said Porter.

‘But Rodriguez survived, didn’t he?’ suggested Marco.

‘No, he didn’t. Rodriguez is dead,’ said Porter. ‘I saw him die.’

‘How?’ asked Marco. We all were listening. We all wanted to know.

But Porter just smiled and looked around at each of us. Then he said: ‘Let’s just say that these are very dangerous forests.’

I didn’t like the man. I didn’t like the man at all.

How come? – How is it possible?

He didn’t bother burying them – (Neunúval sa ich ani pochovať)

survive /səˈvaɪv/ – (prežiť) – to continue to live or exist