Two tourists lost their lives in the mountains. There were good friends and very experienced mountaineers.

They went for a trip to the showy peaks as they usually do. They made a break at a mountain chalet. When they wanted to continue to climb over the mountain saddle, the people in the chalet tried to stop them. The weather was not looking good for that day. Besides, there was a lot of fresh snow up in the mountains because it had been snowing heavily for days.

However, they decided to continue and another man at the chalet decided to go with them. But whey they got under the mountain saddle, this man looked at the sky. He didn’t like the clouds and the strong wind. He decided to go back to the chalet.

He shook hands with the other two tourists and he tried to persuade them to go back with him. But they refused to go back with him. They saw the footprints in the snow, which meant that someone had gone that way before them. So they thought it was safe.

Later that day, there was a storm. Their wives called police and mountain rescue team. They found out that the tourists never reached the other side of the saddle.

They went to look at the place after the storm had passed and after many long hours they found the two men buried under snow. The storm broke away a big amount of snow which turned into a small avalanche and kill both of the men.

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mountaineer /ˌmaʊntəˈnɪə(r)/ – horolezec – a person who climbs mountains as a sport

chalet /ˈʃæleɪ/ – chata – a wooden house with a roof that slopes steeply down over the sides, usually built in mountain areas, especially in Switzerland

avalanche /ˈævəlɑːnʃ/ – lavína – a mass of snow, ice and rock that falls down the side of a mountain