Marisa was a waitress. She worked in a small restaurant in a small town. People liked going to their restaurant, but then two big companies in the town went bankrupt. They sold everything and many people lost their jobs.

It was not easy to find another job in their small town. Many people had to move out. Other people found a new job, but far away from the town. They had to travel by train early in the morning, and they came back late in the evening.

Many people didn’t have money to go to the restaurant. It was a big problem for the owner because he borrowed a lot of money. He bought new tables and chairs for his restaurant. He bought new windows and new floor. And he had to change the roof, too. Now he had a lot of debt.

People stopped coming. The restaurant did not make any money. The banks came to the owner of the restaurant and they wanted their money back. And so, the owner closed the restaurant and sold it. Marisa lost her job.

She was very, very unhappy. And she was afraid. ‘Where will I find another job now?’ she thought.

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But she was lucky. Her boss called her one day and told her that his friend needed a waitress. His friend’s restaurant was in the same town. Marisa accepted the job. She was very happy that she had a new job in her town and close to her home.

go bankrupt /ɡəʊ ˈbæŋkrʌpt/ – zbankrotovať

borrow /ˈbɒrəʊ/ – požičiať si

roof /ruːf/ – strecha

debt /det/ – dlh

owner /ˈəʊnə(r)/ – vlastník

accept /əkˈsept/ – prijať, akceptovať