Little Joey was attending a private elementary school in his little town. He liked the school because of his friends and teachers. Some kids didn’t like the classes at this school because teacher wanted them to read books and write long essays all the time.

Joey didn’t mind reading or writing. Actually, he enjoyed both. And he was always ready to take an exam on any school subject. Joey was a good student and he felt very well at this school.

One day, it was about three weeks before the Christmas, his parents got a message from Joey’s class teacher. She informed them that the school will be closed from Monday and that the children will learn online from home.

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an empty classroom / blog: L-2: The School Cannot Pay for Gas and Electricity

Joey’s parents were surprised. His mother called the teacher because she wanted to know why the school was closing.

‘We all are surprised,’ said the teacher. ‘We had a meeting and the director told us that the school will be closed. And he asked us to let you know. So your Joey will learn from home.’

‘But why? What is the reason?’ Joey’s mother asked.

‘We asked the same question. The director told us that the school cannot pay the gas and electricity bills.’

‘What? How is that possible? We pay big money every month. You should have no problems to pay the bills.’

‘Yes, Mrs Parker, I understand your point. We said the same thing at the meeting, but the director didn’t want to talk about it. But he told us that he will organise a big meeting for the parents this month to talk to you about the situation. At this moment, I don’t know anything about the problem.’

‘OK. We will wait for the meeting, but this is not good. I don’t want Joey to stay at home. He needs to meet his friends and teachers.’

Mrs Parker hung up the phone and went back to the kitchen to finish the dinner.

gas /ɡæs/ – plyn