Sheryl looked into the mirror. After a few seconds she smiled. It was still her, but she looked different. She had just changed the colour of her hair to blonde. She had never wanted to be blonde, but all was different now. It could save her life and she certainly hoped it would.

She had stolen something very important from some very powerful people. And these people knew that she had stolen it. And they knew where to find her. Sheryl was certain that they had already sent someone to get the envelope from her.

She needed to disappear and she needed to do it fast. Somebody had been following her for the last two days and the man almost got her as she was turning a corner of an empty street on the previous day. She was lucky that a taxi was passing by and stopped to help. The man ran away, but she knew he would be back. She knew he was looking for her even at that moment.

She put on an old baseball cap and looked into the mirror one more time. No make-up, just an old T-shirt and a dark blue wind jacket.

She took the little bag, grabbed the keys and cigarettes and closed the door of her motel room on the outside. She looked left and right, put on her sunglasses and started walking.

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previous /ˈpriːviəs/ – (predošlý) – happening or existing before the event or object that you are talking about

grab /ɡræb/ – (schmatnúť) to take or hold somebody/something with your hand suddenly or roughly