It was getting dark and people were on their way home from work. The streets were quickly getting empty and the traffic on the roads was disappearing fast as well. Nights in this part of the city could be dangerous, and everybody knew it.

‘So, where are we going?’ asked Matt after a while. He and his friend Aaron were going through the badly lit streets of the second largest city in the county. Aaron was driving his black Passat with one hand on the steering wheel. In the other hand he was holding a can of beer.

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‘I don’t know yet,’ he said and drank a bit from the can.

Matt was holding a can of beer too, although he was only 16 years old. ‘I thought we had a plan. Are we going to be driving around the city all night long?’

‘And why not?’ replied Aaron. ‘I can do what I like. And if I feel like driving around the city, then I will do it.’

‘OK, OK. I was just asking,’ said Matt and drank from his beer. He noticed that Aaron was not in a good mood that evening.

‘Matt,’ he said suddenly and pointed with his can of beer to something in front of them. Few seconds later Matt noticed him too. There was a man standing next to his parked car. He parked on the side of the road and he was getting some things from the boot of his car. His hands were full of bags. He just put all the bags into one hand because he was closing the boot with his other hand.

In the hand with the bags he was also holding two cartons of 60 eggs. Matt nodded his head and smiled. He immediately understood what Aaron meant.

Aaron slowed down the car and pulled down the window on Matt’s side.

empty /ˈempti/ – prázdny

after a while – po chvíli

county /ˈkaʊnti/ – kraj; okres

steering wheel /ˈstɪərɪŋ wiːl/ – volant

I feel like – chce sa mi

mood /muːd/ – nálada

point /pɔɪnt/ – ukázať smerom na niečo

notice /ˈnəʊtɪs/ – všimnúť si

boot /buːt/ – kufor auta

nod /nɒd/ – prikývnuť hlavou