A small plane crashed into a tower with electrical cables, near a small village in Maryland, USA.

Two people were on the plane, a pilot Mr Merkle (65 years old) and Mr Williams (66). They were safe in the plane. Nobody was hurt. The two people talked to the rescue team on their mobile phone.

They had to switch off the electricity for 120,000 people in the area. Also, two hospitals could only take small number of patients because of this accident.

The electrical company sent their people to help the rescue team. They had to take down the electrical cables. Then they used a large crane to get the two people out of the plane. And then they used the crane to get the plane down from the tower.

crash /kræʃ/ – havarovať

hurt /hɜːt/ – zranený

rescue /ˈreskjuː/ – zachrániť

crane /kreɪn/ – žeriav