They knocked on the door and waited. For a while nothing happened.

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Just when one of the two men was lifting his hand to knock on the door again, it suddenly opened.

‘Gentlemen, I am happy to see that you decided to accept my invitation,’ said the man standing in the doorway. He was in his late forties and had a jacket on. The collar on his shirt was open and he was holding a dark blue tie in his hand. ‘Please, come in,’ he said as he stepped aside.

The two men said nothing. They silently entered the house.

‘Who is it, Greg?’ asked a woman’s voice. It came from the upstairs.

‘Just some friends, honey,’ shouted the man with the tie back to her. ‘They won’t stay long!

The two men looked at one another. Then one of them spoke to the owner of the house. ‘Your wife is in the house?’

‘As you can see, she is.’

‘Why. You said we would be alone.’

‘That was the plan…’ said the man and put his tie into his right pocket. Then he turned and started walking to a big room with the open door. ‘Follow me, please.’

doorway /ˈdɔːweɪ/ – priestor vo dverách, vchod, vstup

They won’t stay long! – nezdržia sa dlho

collar /ˈkɒlə(r)/ – golier

tie /taɪ/ – kravata

aside /əˈsaɪd/ – nabok, z cesty