The hospital was crowded with people. Everybody heard the news: John Richardson, the mayor‘s son, was dead. The corridor was full of John’s relatives. His wife was there with their children. John’s sister and his mother came, too. His father called the hospital, but he didn’t come.

Everybody was sad. John was very popular. Many people liked him. But now it was clear, that some people didn’t like John. Some people hated him. They hated him so much that they shot him three times in his back.

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a man on his motorbike / blog: L-1: The Mayor’s Son

He wanted to open his car, when two men came on their motorbikes and shot him. It was dark and nobody was in the street. Nobody saw anything. As usual...

The inspector was in the hospital, too. He looked at the people and he also talked to some of them. Then he left the building. It was too hot inside. He needed some fresh air.

When he came out of the building, he saw two men. They were on the other side of the street. They were journalists. He knew them. He knew them very well. And he knew what they wanted.

He started walking towards them.

crowded /ˈkraʊdɪd/ – preplnená (ľuďmi)

mayor /meə(r)/ – primátor

corridor /ˈkɒrɪdɔː(r)/ – chodba

it was clear – bolo jasné

As usual. – ako zvyčajne

towards /təˈwɔːdz/ – smerom k