When he got out of the building, he stopped. He was standing there and thinking. He needed to find a way how to get out of the street.

The police were everywhere. They closed the street on both ends and they were checking both every car which was coming in and every car which was leaving. They were looking for somebody. And he knew who.

While he was thinking what to do next, a car pulled in to the kerb, just a few centimetres from him. The window on his side of the car went down. He didn’t know the car, but he knew the driver.

Do you need a lift?’ she asked and smiled at him.

‘I don’t think that we would get too far,’ he said and shook with his head in the direction of the police checkpoint. ‘When they see me at the front seat, they will stop the car and call McLeod. Maybe they will take me to him. And they would take you as well. You know that.’

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‘Yes, I know,’ she said slowly. ‘But you could hide in the trunk and get out when we pass the checkpoint.’

‘I’m not going to hide,’ he said and opened the door. He sat down on the passenger’s seat and closed the door behind him. ‘Besides, they are not looking for me.’

‘Do you think they will catch him?’

He looked at her. He was surprised by her question. ‘Of course not! He ran away before they closed the street.’

‘How do you know,’ she asked as she started the engine again.

‘I know how he is thinking,’ he said. ‘And I know where we’ll find him.’

Well then, let’s not waste our time.’

both… and… – aj… aj…

pull in – pristaviť auto ku kraju vozovky, k chodníku

kerb /kɜːb/ – obrubník

Do you need a lift? – Potrebuješ odviezť?

direction /dəˈrekʃn/, /daɪˈrekʃn/ – smer

checkpoint /ˈtʃekpɔɪnt/ – kontrolné stanovište

Well then – tak teda, …