When they reached the old lighthouse, it was already dark. Every six or seven seconds, the lighthouse flashed a strong light to the sea, which was surrounding the island. The light went on and few seconds later, it was dark again.

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The men were standing around the door. They were waiting for the mayor of the island to open it. He had a bundle of keys in his hand and he was trying them one after another. He didn’t know which key was the right one for the lighthouse door.

‘Hurry up!’ one of the men was getting nervous. ‘We need to get in now!’

‘I’m doing what I can,’ said the mayor. There are too many keys on the bundle. I cannot find the right one.’

Oh, come on, just give me the keys,’ said the man. He took the keys from the mayor’s hands and pushed him aside.

The man picked one key and put it into the keyhole. He was lucky. He found the right key. It turned in the lock easily and the door got open.

‘Let’s go,’ said the man who had opened the door and went inside. The others followed him quickly.

It was dark inside, but not for long. One of the man near the door felt around the wall with his hand and found the switch. The light went on and the men found themselves in a spacious rounded room.

‘She’s not here,’ said the mayor when they all looked around. ‘Nobody is here. You were given wrong information.’

‘She is here. I know she is,’ said the man who had opened the door. But he did not say it very convincingly. Actually, he himself didn’t know what to do next.

surround /səˈraʊnd/ – (obklopiť, obkľúčiť) – to be all around something/somebody

bundle /ˈbʌndl/ – (zväzok) – a number of things tied or wrapped together; something that is wrapped up

lighthouse /ˈlaɪthaʊs/ – (maják) – a tower or other building that contains a strong light to warn and guide ships near the coast

Oh, come on – ale, no tak…

aside /əˈsaɪd/ – (nabok, bokom) – to one side; out of the way

feel around – (hľadať po hmate, hmatať) – To explore something by the sense of touch, especially when seeking an item

find oneself in – (ocitnúť sa kde)

convincingly /kənˈvɪnsɪŋli/ – (presvedčivo) – in a way that makes somebody believe that something is true