There weren’t many people in the streets. It was freezing cold and everything was hidden under the blanket of fresh snow. This city did not see so much snow for many many years.

The traffic was dead because the roads were not cleared. There were no cars, no buses, no motorbikes on the roads. Only few people were outside. They were either using a shovel to clear snow in front of their houses or they were walking around to get some fresh air.

‘There’s a little coffee shop near here,’ he told her. ‘We can go there for a cup of coffee to warm up a bit.’

‘Why not,’ she replied. ‘I didn’t have my coffee in the morning.

They walked about fifty metres along the street before they got there. They entered the coffee shop and took a table at the window. At the table next to theirs, there was a family with two noisy children. They were fighting over something and one of them started to cry.

Luckily, their father paid their bill and helped his wife into her coat. The kids already had their jackets on. Then they left.

Now it was nice and quiet in the coffee shop. Few moments later, a waitress came to take their order.

two coffees in a coffee shop - jan vrabec - sparrow's english reader level 2 English for beginners
blog: L-2: In a Quiet Coffee Shop

either… or… – buď… alebo…

warm up – zohriať

noisy /ˈnɔɪzi/ – hlučný

order /ˈɔːdə(r)/ – objednávka