The car was moving fast along the road. The driver slowed down and came off the main road. He took the road going through the forest. He increased the speed and he was driving fast again.

Twenty minutes later the car slowed down. They were in the middle of the forest, but now there was a little area with no trees. The driver stopped the car.

A cold and strong wind was blowing outside. Everything was white with snow and it was starting to snow again.

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‘Why are were here?’ asked the man next to the driver? ‘Where are we?’

‘Get out,’ said the driver.

‘You didn’t answer my question. You said I would meet my daughter. There is nobody here. Why did we stop in the middle of the forest?’ the man asked angrily.

‘I said get out!’ said the driver again and this time, he pulled out a gun from his jacket.

The other man understood that he was in trouble. He asked no more questions. He quietly opened the door and stepped out into the freezing cold. The sharp wind was blowing into his face. It was getting dark fast.

slow down – spomaliť

increase /ɪnˈkriːs/ – zvýšiť

sharp /ʃɑːp/ – ostrý