Gordon was an old man. He was a very old man. And he was very ill. He knew that he would die soon.

He was also a very rich man. He had many houses and apartments and other investments. He was a billionaire.

He had a big family because during his life, he was married 5 times. He had eight children and all of them were adult people now.

They all were step-brothers and step-sisters, but they didn’t like each other. They never visited each other and they never spent any time together. But they had one thing in common – money.

They loved money. They loved spending it on many things. Some went on holidays a few times a year. Others bought expensive cars. And some others liked spending money in shopping centres during the day, and night clubs at nights.

But the problem was, that none of them were working. They were spending money, but they were not making any money. They had the money from their father.

He gave each of his children five million dollars. And each of them spent all their money. They had no money left and they needed more. That’s the reason why they were here.

They all were sitting in a big room with many comfortable chairs and sofas. They were on the 85th floor of a skyscraper building, in their father’s apartment.

He was locked up in his working room and together with his lawyers, he was preparing his testament. He hated his children. They never called him to ask about this health. They never visited him to have some coffee with him and talk a little bit. No. None of them cared about him.

He hated them, and he knew that they hated him.

And now they were in his apartment. All of them. And they wanted his money. Again.

But he decided not to give them anything. He had a plan…

they had one thing in common – jednú vec mali spoločnú

That’s the reason why – to je dôvod prečo…