I tried to call Peter yesterday, but I couldn’t not reach him. He was not picking up his phone and he wasn’t responding to my messages, either.

Next day, I called his brother and asked him where Peter was. He explained to me that the day before yesterday, Peter dropped his phone. It fell on the ground and the screen on his mobile phone is broken.

‘But is his phone working? I tried to call him yesterday, and I heard that it was ringing, but Peter didn’t pick it up.

‘Yes, the phone is working. Only the screen is broken. Maybe he didn’t hear the phone when you rang. But I know that he turned it off because he couldn’t see anything on the screen,’ his brother said.

‘OK, and is he at home now?’ I asked.

‘No. He went to a repair shop to find out how much it would cost to repair his phone. Yesterday, he was in another repair shop, and when he came back, he said that they were too expensive. He said that it very expensive to replace the screen. He said that it would be better for him to buy a new phone.’

‘So, is he going to buy a new phone?’

‘Not now. He doesn’t have any money. And I don’t have any money, either. But next month we will get some money from our parents, and he also works after school, so he can buy a new phone next month.’

‘OK, but before he goes to buy a new phone, ask him to call Jack. Jack will have a look at his phone. Maybe he will help him.’

‘Jack? Does he know how to repair mobile phones?’

‘I am not sure, whether he can repair all mobile phones or not. But I know that he had a similar problem last year. And he bought some kind of repair kit together with a new screen. He watched some youtube videos to learn how to replace the screen.’

‘And did he replace the screen?’ asked Peter’s brother.

‘Yes, he repaired his phone and it is working now, no problem. And he told me it was quite cheap to do it. So I am thinking that he might help Peter with his phone, too.’

‘Wonderful. That would be great. I will tell Peter to call Jack as soon as he comes back.’

‘OK. And ask him to call me back from your phone, please. I urgently need to speak to him about something.’

‘Sure I will. Take care.’

respond /rɪˈspɒnd/ – odpovedať

drop /drɒp/ – spadnúť

screen /skriːn/ – obrazovka

find out – zistiť

replace /rɪˈpleɪs/ – nahradiť

urgently /ˈɜːdʒəntli/ – súrne