In my opinion, spring is the most beautiful season of the year. After a long and cold winter, everything comes back to life. Days get longer, trees get green leaves, flowers start to grow and bloom.

Then summer comes and then autumn. Autumn is beautiful too, but in a different way. The leaves on the trees change their colour. They turn yellow or red and when they are dry, they turn brown and fall down on the ground. Flowers also lose their beauty. Everything dies and winter comes again.

Most people have some hobby. People like doing various things after their work and in their free time.

Some people repair old cars, some people play the piano and some people paint pictures.

People like beautiful things. They always want to have something beautiful near them. They want to look at the beauty. They want to touch it. They want to eat it. Or eat from it.

There is a woman in one village who likes painting. But she doesn’t paint pictures on the wall. She paints flowers and green leaves on plates. And then she sells the plates. And people buy them because when they eat something, they always get the beauty on their plates.

Dead beauty.

In my opinion – podľa mňa

leaf (pl. leaves) /liːf/ – list (na strome)

bloom /bluːm/ – kvitnúť

various /ˈveəriəs/ – rôzny