A man stole a small plane called ‘Beechcraft’, in the northern parts of Mississippi, USA.

He got into the plane and then he took off. He did not have a pilot’s license, but he knew how to fly a little bit. He worked at a company which put fuel into planes. So he stole the plane from his company.

When he was in the air, he called the police and he said that he would crash the plane into a Walmart (which is a kind of a supermarket in USA).’

News: a man stole a small plane
When he was in the air, he called the police.

The police talked to the man and they persuaded him not to crash the plane. But there was a problem. The man, who didn’t have a pilot’s license, knew how to take off. But he didn’t know how to land!

So they called a flight instructor and he talked to this man over the phone. He helped him to land. The man landed well. He didn’t crash the plane.

This man will be taken to court. He is accused of theft because he stole the plane. He is also accused of terrorist threat because he wanted to crash the plane into the supermarket and kill many people.

Allegedly, this man posted a message on his Facebook at 9.30 in the morning. In the message he only said ‘Good-bye’.

take off – vzlietnuť (o lietadle)

land – pristáť (o lietadle)

accused of /əˈkjuːzd ɒv/ – obvinený z (niečoho)

theft /θeft/ – krádež

threat /θret/ – vyhrážka