A girl was walking with her dog on a dog lead. She wanted to cross the road and went to the nearby pedestrian crossing. There were no traffic lights at that pedestrian crossing, but the traffic was not heavy there, either.

The road was empty, but the girl looked left, as you usually do, when you want to cross a road. She stepped forward on the crossing. The dog went faster than her and started to pull her forward.

Suddenly, a car appeared on her left. It was coming very fast. The girl quickly stepped back and pulled on the dog lead strongly, so that her dog returned quickly, too.

Just a few moments later, the car drove by her. It was going very fast. The driver saw the girl. He saw that she started crossing the road, but he didn’t stop. He almost hit her and her dog. But the girl was smart. She stepped back and she stayed alive.

This is a good example of how things are in real life, when you work with other people. You should never rely on other people 100%. Accidents happen. People forget. Some people are simply irresponsible.

Sometimes, it is good for you to be careful. When you are working on a project and other people are involved, it is good for you to step back a little and look around. You need to remember that not all people are playing by the rules. And because of some irresponsible people, you can lose your money or damage your health. Sometimes you can even lose your life.

Remember, paying attention is your best insurance.

dog lead /dɒɡ liːd/ – vodítko na psa

pedestrian crossing /pəˌdestriən ˈkrɒsɪŋ/ – priechod pre chodcov

traffic lights /ˈtræfɪk laɪt/ – semafór

heavy traffic – silná premávka

so that – aby

almost /ˈɔːlməʊst/ – takmer

rely on /rɪˈlaɪ ɒn/ – spoliehať sa na

accident /ˈæksɪdənt/ – nehoda; náhoda

irresponsible /ˌɪrɪˈspɒnsəbl/ – nezodpovedný

play by the rules – hrať podľa pravidiel

because of – kvôli

damage /ˈdæmɪdʒ/ – škoda (fyzická), poškodenie

insurance /ɪnˈʃʊərəns/ – poistka