Going to the nearest train station is a tiring routine for many, while for many other people, it can mean a beginning of an adventure.

Many people living in broader areas around the big cities need to travel to and from their work every day. If they live in the suburbs or villages which are several kilometres away from their work, they usually commute by train. The train stations are crowded with people during the rush hours both in the morning and in the afternoon. Most commuters know their train schedules by heart, as they use the same trains every day.

But for many others, travelling by train can be a completely different experience. When people go on holidays or to visit a distant cities, many prefer travelling by train to driving their cars, because travelling by train is usually quite comfortable, safe and people do not need to focus on the road. They can read their books or just look out the window and watch the countryside through which they are passing.

In Japan, they have the bullet train, which can travel as fast as 150-250mph. That is extremely fast for a land transport. They say that it goes so fast that you have no time to get hungry. But that is a joke. Of course, they have a restaurant car on their train as well. They might even have their famous sushi train in the restaurant car. Who knows… you might ask Brat Pitt. Allegedly, he has been travelling by the bullet train a lot recently.

Just imagine that – a sushi train on the bullet train!

suburb /ˈsʌbɜːb/ – predmestie

several /ˈsevrəl/ – niekoľko

know stg by heart – vedieť niečo naspamäť

bullet /ˈbʊlɪt/ – guľka (do strelnej zbrane)

They say – hovorí sa

restaurant car – jedálenský vozeň