L-2: Christmas Time

Most people like Christmas. For many people, it is one of the most beautiful time of the year. Everything is full of lights, people are happier than usual and if you are lucky and it snows then everything looks perfect. But it is not perfect for all. Many people cannot afford to buy many things … Continue reading L-2: Christmas Time

L-2: The School Cannot Pay for Gas and Electricity

Little Joey was attending a private elementary school in his little town. He liked the school because of his friends and teachers. Some kids didn't like the classes at this school because teacher wanted them to read books and write long essays all the time. Joey didn't mind reading or writing. Actually, he enjoyed both. … Continue reading L-2: The School Cannot Pay for Gas and Electricity

L-2: English Dialogues 13

https://open.spotify.com/episode/0rcB1nMYJjWKvfqB5xS756?si=TS5k5IICTM6hj5yT3FPYDg 'I think we will finish this in one or two hours.' 'Well, I will need to go in about ten minutes.' 'But we need to finish this thing today.' 'I understand that. But I'm not staying here any longer. I need to leave shortly.' 'Why can't you stay longer?' 'Because.' 'Because what?' 'Because I … Continue reading L-2: English Dialogues 13