“So, you say that nobody heard anything.”

“That’s right. Everybody was sleeping when they stole them.”

“That is strange, isn’t it. They took at least ten of them. I am sure it took them at least two hours to do that. And nobody heard anything. It does not sound right.”

“Maybe it doesn’t sound right because there is a mistake in your thinking.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you say that it took them at least two hours. But that’s because you think that there were only two of them.”

He turned to him with his eyebrows raised. “And?”

“And maybe they were more than two. Maybe there were four or five of them. Or maybe there was a whole group of ten thieves. In that case they could steal all of the catalytic converters in ten minutes.”

“So, you have ten people sawing the pipes under the cars at the same time, and nobody hears anything. That doesn’t make sense.”

“I see your point. There was too much noise… but who knows… Most of the people in these apartments are pensioners. They are half-deaf or they were watching TV.”

“Did we talk to all of them?”

“No, there are a few people who we still need to talk to. The guys are going round the apartments now.”

“Good. Let’s wait until they come back. Maybe they will find somebody who heard the thieves.”

“Coffee break?”

“Why not,” said the boss and both of them went to the nearest cafe for a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, their colleagues were talking to the people, living above the car park.

at least – aspoň

eyebrow /ˈaɪbraʊ/ – obočie

thief /θiːf/ pl thieves /θiːvz/ – zlodej

catalytic converters /ˌkætəˌlɪtɪk kənˈvɜːtə(r)/ – katalyzátor

saw /sɔː/ – píliť

pipe /paɪp/ – potrubie, rúra,

pensioner /ˈpenʃənə(r)/ – dôchodca