Somewhere in England, one sheep got lost. It could not find her way back to other sheep. But it found a motorway and it decided to cross it.

sheep stopped traffic on motorway, level 2 english news sparrows english reader, jan vrabec
blog: A Lost Sheep Stops Traffic on Motorway

The sheep was walking along the motorway and it was waiting for the cars to stop for a moment, but the cars didn’t stop because it was dangerous. It was dangerous for the sheep to cross and it was dangerous for the cars to stop because on the motorway, cars always drive very very fast.

Someone called the motorway police and they came immediately. As soon as they arrived, they stopped the traffic in both directions. Then they began to chase the sheep. In the end, they caught it. But it took them one hour to stop the traffic, to catch the sheep and then start the traffic again.

One hour on a motorway is a very long time. And because the cars couldn’t move for one hour, there were long lines of cars in both directions. The motorway police said that there were 6.5 miles (10.5km) lines of cars in both directions.

But the sheep was safe and it got back home. People can wait.

motorway /ˈməʊtəweɪ/

direction /daɪˈrekʃn/ – smer

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