Mary came in and went straight to the counter. It was raining cats and dogs outside and it was cold as well. She needed to drink something hot.

When it was her turn, she ordered a tall coffee into a paper cup, so that she could take it with her and drink in the park. She always bought only takeaway coffee, so it was a very strong habit for her.

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Paper Coffee Cup

When she paid for the coffee and took it in her hand, she remembered that it was raining and cold outside. ‘No problem,’ she thought. ‘I can drink from the paper cup inside the coffee shop, too.’

She took a place close to the window and looked out at the rainy streets. People were walking quickly up and down the street. Most of them were holding umbrellas in their hands. Mary drank from her coffee. It was nice and warm.

There was a big TV screen over the counter. A news channel was on. They talked about a man who escaped from the prison. The police were looking for him and they said that he was very dangerous.

They said that he was sent to prison because he killed a man. He made a bomb and he hid it in a paper coffee cup. When the man was passing by, the bomb exploded and killed him.

Mary stopped watching the news. She put her coffee cup on the table and stood up. It was time to go home. And quickly.

counter /ˈkaʊntə(r)/ – pult

raining cats and dogs – leje ako z krhly