Company Apple wants to move its production to India. The company said that they will do this because there are many problems in China because they have too many Covid-19 lockdowns. This is a problem for the company because Apple cannot get parts for their products in time, and also, they often cannot send their products out of China during lockdowns.

iPhone - Sparrow's English Reader - Jan Vrabec - Level 1 English for students
an iPhone by Apple / blog: Apple Wants to Make iPhones in India

Apple wants to make their new iPhone 14 in India. Now, they have 5% of their production in India. The company wants bigger production there. They want to have 25% of their production in India in 2025.

The new iPhone 14 will have better cameras, faster processor and better battery. Apple is planning to sell their new phone at the same price as the last year.

In India, many people use mobile phones, but only few people use iPhone because they are too expensive for people in India. And so, Apple hopes that when they make iPhone in India, they can save money and they can offer their phones in India much cheaper.

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