They say that people who have too much of everything get lazy over time.

It surely is true about most students in the Western world. People are lazy to learn new things. Yes, learning hurts, but not if you are interested in the subject of your study.

There are so many opportunities for both the young and the old to learn anything they like. We have books, live or online courses, internet… All we need to do is spend some of our time in order to learn something new.

There was a little boy in a TV documentary. He lives somewhere in Gaza and he is Palestinian. He wanted to observe the sky, the moon and the stars. But he did not have a telescope. And so he made one.

It was a very simple telescope. He was describing to the reporter how he had made the lenses. He was explaining to him that he had used a cardboard for the body of the telescope and how happy he was when he looked through it and it worked!

He talked also about the life in those parts of the world. How they don’t have anything. How he would like to come to the West because here people can study anything they like. There is nothing where he lives. Not for common people. There are no books, no information, no internet.

Here, in the Western world, we do not have those problems. But when we want to observe the sky, we do not make a telescope. We go to the shop and we buy one.

And when we have looked through it once or twice, we put it back into the box which we put under the bed.

And we never look through it again.

they say – hovorí sa

opportunity /ˌɒpəˈtjuːnəti/ – príležitosť

in order to – aby

observe /əbˈzɜːv/ – pozorovať

lens /lenz/ – šošovka

cardboard /ˈkɑːdbɔːd/ – kartón (z krabice)