Jill had a very nice table lamp at home. It was a beautiful porcelain lamp and it was quite expensive. She had it near her bed and she used it every evening. She had a very strong habit to read something before she went to bed.

She liked her table lamp a lot because she got it as a birthday present from her parents. She did not live with her parents anymore. She moved to another city because of her work.

Jill also had a cat. It was a big gray cat with big green eyes. She liked her cat and the cat liked her too. The cat liked her so much that when Jill was at home, her cat always wanted to be with her.

One evening, Jill was reading her book when the cat jumped on the table next to her bed to get to Jill. But when she jumped on the table, she pushed the lamp. The lamp fell on the floor and it broke into many pieces.

The light went off and everything was dark. The cat quickly disappeared because she knew that she did something bad. Jill couldn’t see very well. There was only the moonlight behind the window, so she could see only very little.

‘What will I do now? I cannot see anything and I don’t want to read in the kitchen,’ Jill said to herself. ‘I will sweep the broken porcelain tomorrow morning.’

She put her book on the table, which was empty now because the lamp was on the floor. She lay down on her bed because she wanted to sleep.

She was quietly lying in the dark, when she heard a quiet noise in the corner of the room. It was her cat. The cat cried because she was sorry that she broke the lamp.

‘I am not angry with you,’ Jill said to her cat in the dark. ‘I know that you didn’t mean to break that lamp. It was just an accident. Such things happen.’

Suddenly, Jill saw a shadow flying in the air. It was her cat. She jumped on the bed and quickly came to Jill. She was very happy that Jill wasn’t angry with her.

‘Don’t worry!’ Jill told her cat. ‘We will go to a nearby lighting shop tomorrow. They might have the same lamp there. If they have the same lamp, we will buy it and everything will be as before.’

And after Jill said that, both she and her cat fell asleep.

lighting shop /ˈlaɪtɪŋ ʃɒp/ – obchod so svietidlami

porcelain /ˈpɔːsəlɪn/ – porcelán

push /pʊʃ/ – strčiť, sotiť

disappear /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə(r)/ – zmiznúť

moonlight /ˈmuːnlaɪt/ – mesačné svetlo

sweep /swiːp/ – zametať

corner /ˈkɔːnə(r)/ – kút

accident /ˈæksɪdənt/ – nehoda

such /sʌtʃ/ – taký

nearby /ˌnɪəˈbaɪ/ – blízky, v okolí, nedaľeký

bothand… – aj… aj…