I visited my friend yesterday. He lives in a small village in the countryside, fifty kilometres from our city. He was very happy to see me because I did not visit him for a very long time. We usually meet every month, but this year was different. When I wanted to see him, he was not at home. When he was at home, I had to travel abroad.

But now we met, and we talked about many things. We talked about his wife and two daughters. (I bought them some flowers). The older daughter started school this year. She likes it very much. I remember that I liked my first year at school, too.

And they have a new dog. Their last dog was very old and he died few months ago. Their new dog’s name is Jerry, and I think he liked me. He is all black and he has a white spot on his chest. He went away and then came back to me all the time. He was very funny. I liked him, too.

And we talked about my work. I said I work a lot, also during weekends. My friend didn’t like it. He said that maybe I can find a better job. He said that I need to have free weekends. I need to relax. Maybe he is right. I will think about it, but for now I like my job. I work a lot, but it is very interesting.

I have my own car and I can use it when I’m not at work. And my company pays for the petrol, so it is another good thing. And also, when I work during weekends, I always get bonuses every month, so I have more money. But it is true that I am tired all the time. Maybe I need some holiday.

My friend showed me his new CD player. It looked very nice and it sounded very well. I don’t have a CD player at home. My friend said that he doesn’t need his old CD player now. He said that I can take it with me and use it. I will listen to music at home in the evenings. I only listen to music in my car. But I drive my car every day, so I listen to music every day.

I had dinner with my friend and his family. We had roasted chicken with rice and salad. After dinner, we had some cake and coffee. My friend’s wife is a very good cook. Everybody ate everything. Our plates were empty.

When we finished our coffee, I talked to my friend for about one hour and then I went home. I promised to come next month, and I hope that I will have time to come.

I came home at about seven o’clock. I was very tired. I brushed my teeth and went to bed immediately.

chest /tʃest/ – hruď

all the time – stále; neustále; celý čas

promise /ˈprɒmɪs/ – sľúbiť

immediately /ɪˈmiːdiətli/ – hneď, okamžite