There are crazy stories of a dollar tree, which has only dollars growing on its branches instead of leaves. It is a very famous dollar tree and many people are looking for it every day, because they believe that when they find it, they will have as many dollars as they want, and that they will be able to buy anything they want.

But aren’t all trees our dollar trees? No, they do not gives us real dollars, but they make us very rich in another way. They give us oxygen, which we need to breathe.

Many trees around us give us a lot of fresh air, which keeps us in good health. And good health is much more important than dollars from any dollar tree. Because you can buy medicine, but you cannot buy health.

Also, most birds are usually born in their nests in the crowns of trees. But where do they die? Where do all those millions and billions of birds disappear after they die?

Maybe they turn into those dollars from the dollar tree, which we then spend in our shops every day.

instead of /ɪnˈsted əv/ – namiesto

breathe /briːð/ – dýchať

medicine /ˈmedsn or ˈmedɪsn/ – liek; medicína (odbor)

disappear /ˌdɪsəˈpɪə(r)/ – zmiznúť

turn into – zmeniť sa na (niečo)