L-1: Dialogues 1

https://open.spotify.com/episode/004lzx9TcnwIvnYeUjhd83?si=202HNaTNRsmJ6Y1vsFzyxA "Hi. How are you?" "Not bad, thank you. And how about you?" "The usual. A lot of work and very little time... Listen, I'm looking for Jack. Did you see him?" "Yes, I saw him ten minutes ago, but he is not here now. I think that he'll be back in two hours." "Ah, … Continue reading L-1: Dialogues 1

L-3 NEWS: Artist Sells “Nothing” for €15,000

Italian artist Salvatore Garau has sold his "invisible" sculpture at auction for €15,000. The initial price was between €6,000 - €9000, but more people wanted to buy this piece of art, so the price went up to €15,000. The sculpture, which is called "Io Sono" (i.e. "I am" in Italian), is "immaterial" - which means … Continue reading L-3 NEWS: Artist Sells “Nothing” for €15,000