Jenny was sitting on the sofa watching the door. All the blinds were closed and the door chain was on. The little desk lamp on her table was the only source of light.

She was holding a cup of untouched tea in her hands. It was almost cold now. She was just sitting there and waiting. She was scared to death. ‘Where is he?’ she was thinking to herself. ‘He said it wouldn’t take him more than 20 minutes to come here.’

untouched tea - jan vrabec sparrow English reader - Level 3 English reading for students
a cup of tea / blog: L-3: Waiting for Tom

She was sitting there in the half-lit room and thinking what she would do, if he didn’t come. She put the cup with the cold tea down on the table next to her. She was just getting up from the sofa, when the doorbell rang. She stood still and listened. Nothing moved. She listened.

The bell rang again. This time twice. And then again. Whoever was at the door, he was getting impatient.

‘Jenny,’ she heard his voice. ‘Jenny, it’s me, Tom. Come on, open the door.’

She relaxed. It was Tom. Finally! She walked to the door to open it for him, but she left the door chain on. Just in case

And then, she opened the door…

blind /blaɪnd/ – (žalúzie, rolety, a pod.) – material that covers a window, often consisting of a roll of cloth that is fixed at the top of the window and can be pulled up and down

chain /tʃeɪn/ – (reťaz) – a series of connected metal rings, used for pulling or fastening things; a length of chain used for a particular purpose

untouched /ʌnˈtʌtʃt/ – (nedotknutý, neodpitý) – (of food or drink) not eaten or drunk

stand still – (nehybne stáť) – stand/be without motion

impatient /ɪmˈpeɪʃnt/ – (netrpezlivý) – annoyed by somebody/something, especially because you have to wait for a long time

Just in case – (len pre istotu) – because of the possibility of something happening