In London, there was a work of art by Mr. Tom Shannon. There were four huge Christmas balls in St. Gill’s square. People could look at this work of art during day and night. It was a symbol of Christmas.

work of art by artist Tom Shannon – St Giles’ Square / blog: L-1: Christmas on the Road

But, during the week, there were strong winds in the city. They were so strong that they pushed two huge Christmas balls from their place. These two huge Christmas balls started to roll on the roads.

They rolled down and down. They rolled on the road with cars and bus. The drivers were surprised. They tried to avoid the rolling balls.

You can see it in the following video:

Rolling Christmas Balls in London streets

huge /hjuːdʒ/ – obrovský

push /pʊʃ/ – postrčiť, potlačiť

roll /rəʊl/ – gúľať, rolovať

avoid /əˈvɔɪd/ – vyhnúť sa