Three ships arrived at an island. They were full of sailors from Spain. The sailors looked for new islands and new land. They looked for new plants and animals because they could sell them in Spain. And of course, the sailors looked for gold and silver. They were very expensive in Spain and Europe. The sailors went to look for all these things because they wanted to get rich.

When they came to this island, there was a group of Indians on the shore. They looked at the big ships and they were shocked. They never saw such big ships before.

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The sailors saw the Indians. They got into their small boats and they went carefully to the shore. Indians looked at them and waited for them. They did not run away.

The sailors came to the land and got off their boats. They came to the Indians very slowly. They had guns but they didn’t point them at the Indians. They were friendly. They wanted to talk to the Indians.

And Indians wanted to talk to them. They didn’t run away. When the sailors came closer, the Indians pointed with their fingers to the sky. They thought that the sailors came from the sky. They thought that the sailors were gods.

sailor /ˈseɪlə(r)/ – námorník

get rich – zbohatnúť

shore /ʃɔː(r)/ – breh (mora)

carefully /ˈkeəfəli/ – opatrne

point /pɔɪnt/ – ukázať na; namieriť na

finger /ˈfɪŋɡə(r)/ – prst