(and this really happened…)

Somewhere in California, USA, a woman visited her eye doctor because she didn’t feel well about her eyes.

When Dr Katerina Kurteeva looked into her eyes, she was very surprised at what she saw. There were many old contact lenses in the patient’s eyes. They were hidden under her eyelids.

The woman patient forgot to take out her contact lenses before she went to bed. In the morning, when she got up, she put new contact lenses in her eyes. And she repeated this again and again for 23 days!

Dr Katerina Kurteeva couldn’t believe her eyes. She slowly started taking out the old contact lenses from under the woman’s eyelids. She also made a short video about it and put it on her Instagram page. More than one million people watched this video.

Dr Katerina Kurteeva was happy that so many people saw her Instagram post because in this way many people learnt about the hygiene of contact lenses.

The doctor put some eye drops into the patient’s eyes and she sent her home. The woman was happy and said that she felt much better.

surprise /səˈpraɪz/ – prekvapený

eyelid /ˈaɪlɪd/ – očné viečko

lens /lenz/ – šošovka