Early in the morning, there was a man sitting on the bus. His head was leaning against the window glass and his eyes were closed. He seemed to be asleep and perhaps he really was. He was not dressed very well, and he was obviously very tired after he had worked during the night. Why else would he be sleeping?

There were only four other people on that bus and nobody cared about the sleeping man. It was quite common to see people sleeping on the bus this early in the morning.

The other four people were on their way to work. You could see that they had just got out of their beds because they all still had sleepy eyes. Nobody was looking out of the window.

They all were busy with their mobile phones, when suddenly they could hear a sound of horn coming from the outside. A big truck was coming at them on the right side of the bus. It was approaching at full speed. Maybe he had problems with his breaks. Maybe the bus driver did not stop at the red light. At that moment, none of it mattered.

Literally within few seconds, the truck hit the bus right at the place where the sleeping man was leaning against the window. The poor man was killed on the spot. Others were seriously injured and one the four passengers later died on the way to the hospital.

It was really bad luck for the man at the window. None of the survivors could tell whether he had woken up right before the truck hit the bus or he was killed in his sleep.

lean against – opierať sa o (niečo)

obviously /ˈɒbviəsli/ – očividne

approach /əˈprəʊtʃ/ – približovať sa

literally /ˈlɪtərəli/ – doslova, presne

within /wɪˈðɪn/ – v rozsahu, v priebehu

killed on the spot – na mieste mŕtvy