Mr. Dieted Reiter, who is the mayor of Munich, said “It was a good decision to open the Octoberfest this year.” We can only agree.

During last two years, there was no Octoberfest because of Covid-19 virus. This year thousands of people waited in front of the gates. The weather was not good. It was raining and cold, but thousands of people came to visit this festival on the opening day.

In Munich, Germany, they have this famous festival every year. It lasts for two weeks and ends on the first Sunday of October. This year it started on Saturday, the 17th September, and it will end on Monday, the 3rd October. This year it is one day longer because they have public holiday on Monday.

There are about forty huge tents at this festival, with many tables and many benches. Allegedly 120,000 people can sit and drink beer in those tents at the same time. The organisers expect millions of people to visit the festival this year. They will come from all over the world.

octoberfest tent - sparrow's english reader, level 1 english news jan vrabec
huge tent / blog: Octoberfest is back!

Many Germans come to the festival in their traditional Bavarian leather trousers and “dirndl” dress.

octoberfest men in Bavarian traditional leather trousers - sparrow's english reader, level 1 english news jan vrabec
traditional leather trousers / blog: Octoberfest is back!

You can buy many things at this festival, not only beer. You can buy some souvenirs, gingerbread, their famous pretzels or big beer mugs.

German people are very happy that their Octoberfest is back. And we are very happy too!

octoberfest - girls in dirndl with beer - sparrow's english reader, level 1 english news jan vrabec
girls in dirndl dress / blog: Octoberfest is back!

last /lɑːst/ – trvať

at the same time – zároveň, v tom istom čase

from all over the world – z celého sveta

gingerbread /ˈdʒɪndʒəbred/ – perník

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