It was a long and rainy day for all of them. They were dragging their feet because they were too tired to walk after all the work that they had done.

But slowly, they were walking on. One after another. They were wearing chains around their feet and wrists. None of them was wearing any hat or scarf and it was raining heavily on them all.

A few men were moving freely up and down along the line of the walking slaves. They were wearing heavy black coats and wide brimmed hats. Each of them had a rifle in their hand and a pair of pistols behind their belts.

They were just doing their work and they were doing it well. The God’s work, as they liked to say.

And for the walking many, there was no hope that the God would change his mind anytime soon. Slowly, but steadily, they were marching on.

No hope. Just rain.

Just another rainy day.

wide brimmed hat – klobúk so širokým okrajom

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