There was an earthquake in southwestern China. It was 6.8 degrees strong. Allegedly 46 died and 16 people are missing. They are looking for these missing people.

Let’s hope that they will find them.

Allegedly, there is a lot of damage. Many stones fell down from the mountains during this earthquake. The stone broke houses and electricity cables.

The houses shook too. Most people were inside their houses because there is a Covid-19 lockdown in that area at this time.

Tectonic plates meet in this area, and so earthquakes are very common here. Allegedly, there were two other earthquakes in this area in June.

allegedly /əˈledʒɪdli/ – údajne

earthquake /ˈɜːθkweɪk/ – zemestrasenie

degree /dɪˈɡriː/ – stupeň

missing /ˈmɪsɪŋ/ – nezvestný

damage /ˈdæmɪdʒ/ – škoda (fyzická)

shake /ʃeɪk/ (shook, shaken) – triasť

Tectonic plates – tektonické dosky

area /ˈeəriə/ – oblasť

common /ˈkɒmən/ – obyčajný; zvyčajný, bežný